Press Release:The First Annual Photo Exhibit Faces & Places: Photos of Life. Frank Gregory & Walt Miller Jr

Sunday, November 10, 2013 Detroit, Michigan- Faces & Places Production proudly presents….The First Annual Photo Exhibit Faces & Places: Photos of Life. We cordially invite you to an intimate look into the eyes, and spirit of….Photographers Frank Gregory & Walt Miller Jr.  “The name “Faces & Places” was spawning by the peripheral sighting in my vision of life in its “NOW”, questioning the inner city consciousness; thru my photo lens… We wanted to express in simplified forms , the things we live by , and the things we see the most, in the everyday adventure of our  life”, -anonymous  “Faces & Places” photo exhibit , walks you thru; the world of two curious men.

Walt Miller Jr., a native Detroiter, a mentor, technical trainer, world traveler, and photographer, practicing all areas of photography, from still images to Ariel photography, capturing the highlight of the sun, to the key light of the stage. The idea of shades, silhouettes and shadows, adds to his photographs allure.

Miller experimentation with light has proven to be one of the most challenging rewards; making his life as a photographer, a real adventure…he has taken images from the dessert of Nevada, to the lush mountains and waterfalls of the rainforest in Puerto Rico, to his most recent exhibition Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zanzibar to the Serengeti, to the highlands of Ngorongoro.

Frank Gregory, also a native Southwest Detroiter, and teacher. He enjoys capturing babies, and models of all kind. Among the heroic, noted for works of Tuskegee Air Men. Frank Gregory’s’ work are shown in Fort Wayne, and Ghana West Africa Museum. He is currently the senior partner of K.E.G.G. PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO.  Gregory is looking forward to seeing his works all over the world; with forty three years experience. Faces & Places will be nice chapter to his story.

This event will be shown in the beautiful Union Street restaurant. Presented on the same day as Sunday Brunch with bottomless mimosas…The atmosphere is swanky, and well preserved. Dark wood, art deco ceilings, vintage touches, pared perfectly with the exhibits theme of Life.  The exhibit kicks off at 2p – 3p for the private showing for the media, critics and special guest… and resumes 3p-7p, where the doors will be open to the public!

If you have any questions feel free to call Nicole Freeman 586.362.7460. Private Reception 2p -3p…Exhibit to the Public 3p-7p Union Street 4145 Woodward .RSVP 313.522.8961

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Fun at the Ohio State Reformatory


walt ghost.jpgghost 2.jpg
This is the Ohio State Reformatory and it is the place where they filmed the movie “the SHAW SHANK REDEMPTION”. It is said to be one of the most hunted places in the world. I shot these photos the last time I was there, and after this weeks NASCAR race at Mid Ohio, I”m going back for an ALL ACCESS TOUR . Now I don’t know if you believe in ghosts or not,( I get Orbs , Ecto- plasm and Apparitions in my photos all the time and to me their a Damn Nuisance), but to others the photos should be” Something to See”.

P.S. Do you see any Ghost in the photos ???

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Indy Car the American Dream

When it comes to the All American Dream Nothing say’s America like Beauty Power and Speed. Indy Car is all that and more. These Cars scare me . They are a mix of Race cars and Star ships. Thier aerodynamics would allow them to run upside down yet the drivers like some kind of Jedi Nights push them to their limit’s. All said this is the top shelf of American auto Racing. here at the Mid Ohio Sports Car Cours they are put to the Test on a 5 mile road course that Challenges the cars and drivers like no where else in the world. Its the AMERICAN Dream on wheels = INDY

indy mid ohio t 2 2013 464-imp.jpgindy mid ohio t 2 2013 532-imp.jpgindy mid ohio t 2 2013 673-imp.jpgindy mid ohio tele 1 1258-imp.jpgkoo indy mid onio wide 1 044-imp.jpgrace day indy mid ohio w 044_2-imp.jpgrace day indy mid ohio w 428-imp.jpgrace day indy mid ohio w 452-imp.jpg

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The Buckeye Super Bike weekend

This weekend I shot the 2013 Buckeye super-bike 100, at the Mid Ohio Sport Car Course. This is one of the premier stops in the AMA (American Motorcycle Association), series. Here at the Mid Ohio course, the best riders in the nation take on the “Motorcycling Mecca” of the Midwest . The riders compete in three classes, AMA Pro Super bike, AMA Pro Super Sport, and Harley Davidson XR1200. This year we where treated to a STUNT BIKE show put on by Monster energy drink that had riders flying though the air doing all kinds of tricks for the fans enjoyment.The Buckeye Super bike Weekend a must visit destination at one of the great racing facilities in america. p.s. rider no 1 is Josh Hayes, winner AMA pro super bike.



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Photographer Walt Miller on Stopping Poaching


While on safari in Tanzania to photograph these beautiful animals, I was overcome at how sociable that they are. Not just with other animals ,but also with human beings. (That’s my camp in the background on the left ) All the while, there is a air of sadness, just knowing that if it weren’t for places like this, these animals would be wiped out.


The long term answer is in our hands . WE must change the way WE think about the use of Ivory. For as long as it is Acceptable for Ivory to be a Fashion item .


Photographer Walt Miller
We must Stop the Demand for Ivory Trinkets and the Poachers will stop. The Government of Tanzania has come down HARD on Traffickers but they need our help. Once you look into an Elephants eyes …How can you look away and not stop the killing? Walt Miller
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Brand New Site Coming Together!

Good Logo .png
We are in the process of re-creating our website with a bolder look and easier navigation. We have also included this blog, so please feel free to leave feedback and comments.



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This is what I do!!

I am Walt Miller, and this is what I do!

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