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The Buckeye Super Bike weekend

This weekend I shot the 2013 Buckeye super-bike 100, at the Mid Ohio Sport Car Course. This is one of the premier stops in the AMA (American Motorcycle Association), series. Here at the Mid Ohio course, the best riders in the nation take on the “Motorcycling Mecca” of the Midwest . The riders compete in three classes, AMA Pro Super bike, AMA Pro Super Sport, and Harley Davidson XR1200. This year we where treated to a STUNT BIKE show put on by Monster energy drink that had riders flying though the air doing all kinds of tricks for the fans enjoyment.The Buckeye Super bike Weekend a must visit destination at one of the great racing facilities in america. p.s. rider no 1 is Josh Hayes, winner AMA pro super bike.



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Photographer Walt Miller on Stopping Poaching


While on safari in Tanzania to photograph these beautiful animals, I was overcome at how sociable that they are. Not just with other animals ,but also with human beings. (That’s my camp in the background on the left ) All the while, there is a air of sadness, just knowing that if it weren’t for places like this, these animals would be wiped out.


The long term answer is in our hands . WE must change the way WE think about the use of Ivory. For as long as it is Acceptable for Ivory to be a Fashion item .


Photographer Walt Miller
We must Stop the Demand for Ivory Trinkets and the Poachers will stop. The Government of Tanzania has come down HARD on Traffickers but they need our help. Once you look into an Elephants eyes …How can you look away and not stop the killing? Walt Miller
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