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Indy Car the American Dream

When it comes to the All American Dream Nothing say’s America like Beauty Power and Speed. Indy Car is all that and more. These Cars scare me . They are a mix of Race cars and Star ships. Thier aerodynamics would allow them to run upside down yet the drivers like some kind of Jedi Nights push them to their limit’s. All said this is the top shelf of American auto Racing. here at the Mid Ohio Sports Car Cours they are put to the Test on a 5 mile road course that Challenges the cars and drivers like no where else in the world. Its the AMERICAN Dream on wheels = INDY

indy mid ohio t 2 2013 464-imp.jpgindy mid ohio t 2 2013 532-imp.jpgindy mid ohio t 2 2013 673-imp.jpgindy mid ohio tele 1 1258-imp.jpgkoo indy mid onio wide 1 044-imp.jpgrace day indy mid ohio w 044_2-imp.jpgrace day indy mid ohio w 428-imp.jpgrace day indy mid ohio w 452-imp.jpg

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The Buckeye Super Bike weekend

This weekend I shot the 2013 Buckeye super-bike 100, at the Mid Ohio Sport Car Course. This is one of the premier stops in the AMA (American Motorcycle Association), series. Here at the Mid Ohio course, the best riders in the nation take on the “Motorcycling Mecca” of the Midwest . The riders compete in three classes, AMA Pro Super bike, AMA Pro Super Sport, and Harley Davidson XR1200. This year we where treated to a STUNT BIKE show put on by Monster energy drink that had riders flying though the air doing all kinds of tricks for the fans enjoyment.The Buckeye Super bike Weekend a must visit destination at one of the great racing facilities in america. p.s. rider no 1 is Josh Hayes, winner AMA pro super bike.



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